Friday, September 20 – Saturday, September 21, 2019

University of Toronto Faculty of Law





Friday, September 21, 2018



11:00am – 12:15:      Registration and Light Lunch

                                      Location: Jackman Law Building, Atrium, 78 Queen’s Park



12:15-1:15: Tory Lecture:  Robert Scott (Columbia Law School)

Joined by Stephen Choi (NYU School of Law) & Mitu Gulati (Duke Law School)

Location: Jackman Law Building, Moot Court Room, 78 Queen’s Park



Friday Panel Sessions: 1:30pm-5:45pm


Session 1: 1:30pm – 2:45

         Panel 1: Bankruptcy I

                                      Location: Jackman, Room J225

·      Anthony Casey (U. Chicago Law School), “The Butner Fallacy and Bankruptcy’s Procedural Bargain”

·      Vincent Buccola (U. Pennsylvania – Wharton), “The Logic and Limits of Municipal Bankruptcy Law”

·      Katherine Waldock (Georgetown U – McDonough Business), “The Logic and Limits of Municipal Bankruptcy Law”



         Panel 2: Development of Financial Markets

                                      Location: Jackman, Room J230

·      Mitu Gulati (Duke Law School), “The Hausmann-Gorky Effect”

·      Tamar Groswald Ozery (Harvard Law School), “The Politicization of Corporate Governance — a Viable Alternative?”

·      Paul Mahoney (U. Virginia School of Law), “The Regulatory Effect”



         Panel 3: Securities

                                      Location: Jackman, Room FL219

·      Adam C. Pritchard (U. Michigan Law School), “Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Gender Gap for SEC Attorneys”

·      Peter Cziraki (U. Toronto Economics), “The Dollar Profits to Insider Trading”

·      David Aaron Wishnick (U. Penn Law School), “Coin-Operated Capitalism”


Session 2: 3pm – 4:15pm

         Panel 4: Law & Finance

                                Location: Jackman, Room J225

·      Ofer Eldar (Duke Law School), “The Organization of Social Enterprises: Transacting versus Giving”

·      Adriana Robertson (U. Toronto Faculty of Law) “The Mis(uses) of the S&P 500”

·      Daehyun Kim (U. Toronto – Rotman) “Board Classification and Shareholder Value: Evidence from Corporate Law Amendments”



         Panel 5: Judicial Behavior

                                Location: Jackman, Room J230

·      Jonathan Nash (Emory U. School of Law), “The Collegiality of Dissent”

·      Jonathan Petkun (Yale Law School) “Can (and Should) Judges Be Shamed? Evidence from the "Six-Month List”

·      Christy Boyd (UGA), Tracey George (Vanderbilt Law), and Albert Yoon (U. of Toronto Faculty of Law), “From Wall Street to Main Street: A Study of U.S. Magistrate Judges”



         Panel 6: Formal Models

                                Location: Jackman, Room FL219

·      Ignacio Cofone (McGill Law), “The Problem with ‘I Have Nothing to Hide’”

·      Claudia M. Landeo (U. Alberta – Economics), “Optimal Law Enforcement with Ordered Leniency”




Session 3: 4:30pm – 5:45pm

         Panel 7: Bankruptcy II

                                Location: Jackman, Room J225

·      Joshua Macey (Cornell Law School), “Bankruptcy as Bailout”

·      Richard Hynes (U. Virginia School of Law), “Dragged into Bankruptcy: An Empirical Analysis of Involuntary Bankruptcy”

·      Jared Ellias (UC Hastings Law), “Regulating Bankruptcy Bonuses”



         Panel 7: Empirical Methods

                                Location: Jackman, Room J230

·      Janet Austin (U. New Brunswick Faculty of Law), “To Reward or Not to Reward: A Cross-Jurisdictional Comparison Why Securities Regulators Have Adopted or Rejected Policies to Pay Whistleblowers”

·      John Shahar Dilbury (U. Alabama Law), Brock Stoddard (Appalachian State U.), and Cherie Metcalf (Queens U. Faculty of Law), “But-for-Causation and Tort Deterrence: An Experimental Approach”

·      Ignacio Cofone (McGill Law), “Journal Prestige and Journal Impact in Law



         Panel 7: Law & Society I

                                Location: Jackman, Room FL219

·      Blair Long (Queens U. Economics), “A Different Kind of Resource Curse: Endowments, Culture, and Institutions”

·      Miguel DeFiguredo (U. Conn School of Law), “Legal Origins from Outer Space”




6pm-6:30pm:          Cocktails

                                      Location: Trinity College, 6 Hoskin Avenue, University of Toronto




6:30pm:                 Dinner: Mitu Gulati (Duke Law School) - Speaker

                                      Location: Trinity College, 6 Hoskin Avenue, University of Toronto



Saturday, September 22, 2018


8:30am-9am:          Registration and Light Breakfast

                                      Location: Jackman Law Building, Atrium, 78 Queen’s Park


Saturday Panel Sessions: 9:00am-1:45pm



Session 4: 9am – 10:15am

         Panel 10: Corporate

                                Location: Jackman, Room J225

·      Adam Badawi (UC Berkeley Law), “Is There a First-Drafter Advantage in M&A?”

·      Andrew Tuch (Wash U. School of Law), “Self-Dealing Revisited”

·      Geeyoung Min (Columbia Law School), “  Governance by Business Decision: Dividends and Shareholder Voting”



         Panel 11: Environmental/Administrative

                                Location: Jackman, Room J230

·      Andrew Green (U. Toronto Faculty of Law), “Everyone's a Winner: Transition Policies and Canada's Climate Commitment”

·      Jonathan S. Masur (U. Chicago Law) and Jonathan Nash (Emory U. School of Law), “The Problem of Regulatory Prediction”

·      Cherie Metcalf (Queens U. Faculty of Law), “Institutions & Information: Public Perception of Climate Change Information provided by Government vs. the Market”



         Panel 12: Family/Criminal

                                Location: Jackman, Room FL219

·      Margaret F. Brinig (Notre Dame Law School) and Marsha Garrison (Brooklyn Law), “Invisible Cages: Paternal Crime and Delinquency in a Disadvantaged Midwestern Population”

·      Peter Grajzl (W&L U. Economics), “Blame Based on One's Name? Extralegal Disparities in Criminal Conviction and Sentencing”

·      Mariyana Zapryanova (Smith College – Economics), “The Effects of Time in Prison and Time on Parole on Recidivism”




Session 5: 10:30 –11:45am

         Panel 13: Property

                                Location: Jackman, Room J225

·      Stephanie Stern (Chicago Kent Law School), “A Social Norm Framework for Discriminatory Housing Speech”

·      Sally Brown Richardson (Tulane Law School), “The Essence of Property: A Comparative Analysis”

·      Eric Alston (U. Colorado – Leeds Business), “Recognition of Custom and Incentives to Formalize Claims: Frontier Mineral Property Rights in the Supreme Court of Colorado”



         Panel 14: Tax/Securities

                                Location: Jackman, Room J230

·      Emily Satterthwaite (U. of Toronto Faculty of Law), “A Signalling Account of Voluntary VAT Registration”

·      Rory Gillis (U. of Toronto Faculty of Law),, “Revenue-Neutral Carbon Taxes and the Time Inconsistency Problem”



         Panel 15: Machine Learning

                                Location: Jackman, Room FL219

·      Samuel Dahan (Queens U. Faculty of Law), “Fostering Employment Standards Compliance with Machine Learning”

·      Elliott Ash (ETH Zurich), “Motivated Reasoning in the Field: Polarization of Precedent and Prose in U.S. Circuit Courts, 1930-2013”

·      Andrew Torrance (Kansas U. School of Law), “Global Ebbs and Flows in Knowledge: Technical Information Exchange within the Worldwide Patent System”



         Panel 16: Contracts

                                Location: Jackman, Room FL223

·      Sadie Blanchard (Notre Dame Law School), “An(other) Autopsy of Informal Contracting”

·      Robert Anderson (Pepperdine School of Law), “Contract Theory and the Delaware Default: Evidence from M&A Transactions”

·      Maytal Gilboa (Tel Aviv Faculty of Law), “The Mistake About Mistakes: Rethinking Partial Restitution


12:00pm – 1:00pm:   Lunch

                                      Location: Jackman Law Building, Atrium, 78 Queen’s Park



Session 6: 1:00pm – 2:15pm

         Panel 17: Contract/Corporate/International

                                Location: Jackman, Room J225

·      Kevin Cope (U. of Virginia School of Law), “Making Treaties”

·      Ilya Beylin (NYU Law), “Private Re-Ordering: Migration of Financial Markets Following the Dodd-Frank Act”

·      Stephan Tontrup (U. Toronto Economics), “Improving Contract Performance: The Role of Autonomy, Self-Commitment, and Bias-Self-Management”



         Panel 18: Competition

                                Location: Jackman, Room J230

·      Francesco Ducci (U. Toronto Faculty of Law), “Rule of Reason Analysis in Two-Sided Markets”

·      Fred Lazar (York U. – Schulich Business), “Airline Joint Ventures and Canadian Competition Law”



         Panel 19: Law & Society II

                                Location: Jackman, Room FL219

·      Eamonn Gallagher (U. Minn), “The Law’s Response to Alternative Familial Arrangements”

·      Claire Hill (U. Minn Law), “The Convergence of Profit Maximization and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Case of Just in Time Staffing”

·      Michael Guttentag (Loyola Law School), “Law and Surplus: Time for an Awakening”



         Panel 20: Property/Environment

                                Location: Jackman, Room FL223

·      Katrina Wyman (NYU Law), “Return of the Cities”

·      Maggie Jones (UBC – Ecoomics), “Illuminating Economic Development in Indigenous Communities”





End of Conference